How to hang 'paste the wall' wallpaper

Joanna Corney

As our wallpaper is a 'paste the wall' paper, we have given you a few tips below on how to hang it... Tools you will need Plum line Wallpaper scissors Pencil Spirit level Tape measure Wallpaper paste and pasting brush Paper hanging brush Seam roller Cloth Preparing your walls Make sure all walls are free from dirt, old wallpaper and loose paint and fill in any cracks or holes with filler Make sure that the walls are a pale uniform colour. As my wallpaper is light coloured you do not want any contrast to show through and ruin the effect of...

How to calculate the amount of patterned wallpaper you need

Joanna Corney

There are a few different ways to figure out how much wallpaper you will need, but I find this way the easiest, especially if you have a wallpaper with a pattern repeat like ours.  To calculate the number of wallpaper drops you need measure the full width of the area that you want to paper and divide this measurement by the width of the wallpaper. Our wallpaper is 0.52m wide. Next you need to calculate the total length of wallpaper you need, to do this measure the height of your wall plus 20-30cm excess for trim and multiply this by...