How to calculate the amount of patterned wallpaper you need

Joanna Corney

There are a few different ways to figure out how much wallpaper you will need, but I find this way the easiest, especially if you have a wallpaper with a pattern repeat like ours. 

  • To calculate the number of wallpaper drops you need measure the full width of the area that you want to paper and divide this measurement by the width of the wallpaper. Our wallpaper is 0.52m wide.

  • Next you need to calculate the total length of wallpaper you need, to do this measure the height of your wall plus 20-30cm excess for trim and multiply this by the number of drops. However if you have a wallpaper that has a pattern repeat like ours, you will need to add the height of the full pattern repeat onto each length.  You can usually find the size of the pattern repeat on the wallpaper label.

  • To find out the number of rolls you need divide the total length by the length of one roll of paper, which is usually 10m.

Here is an example for an area that measures 6m wide x 2.5 high and the wallpaper has a 26cm pattern repeat

  • Number of drops needed - 6m total wall width divided by 0.52m wallpaper width = 11.54

  • Total length needed - 11.54 drops x 3.06m (wall height 2.5m + excess for trim 0.3m + one full pattern repeat 0.26m) = 35.31 total length 

  • Number of rolls needed - 35.31 total length divided by 10m roll length = 3.53 rolls

We would always recommend buying 10% extra wallpaper than you need just to take into account for any mistakes that might happen.