About us

Joanna Corney creates architecturally inspired patterns for the home. Her designs create a fresh and graphic collection that includes wallpaper, interior textiles and accessories.
Joanna’s designs have developed from her love of  cities and architecture, capturing their detail and  beauty within her fine line illustrations. He most  recent range has been inspired by art deco architecture. From producing initial drawings of  buildings, she then used the motifs and shapes from within those drawings to create her distinct patterns.
Joanna graduated in Textile Design from Nottingham Trent University in 2010 and started making her products by printing on her kitchen table. She now works from a small studio in Hove, where she continues to create designs and extend her range.
Joanna has recently launched Lume Lighting, an exciting new lighting business that explores her passion for hand making bespoke lampshades. 
Photography by Emma Croman